5 (Fairly) Easy Resolutions to be Happier at Your Job



(Reposted with permission from Zenyfit)
Seated Balance

Almost every New Years Resolution usually relates to some form of betterment, often geared towards improving ones’ happiness. Why not bring that same approach to work, where in a lifetime we’ll likely spend 5 years sitting at a desk?

You can only control so much at the office, but what you can do is take care of yourself: body and mind.

Try to make the next 5 steps to happiness at work your own New Years (Work) Resolutions.

1. Take time to create space for creativity. Step away from all screens, even your mobile phone. Efficiency at the screen is said to wane after around an hour. Re-energize by standing and walking to a window. Just viewing greenery can relax the brain and increase creative juices. Even having a plant at your desk can have similar benefits.

2. Get moving. Get reinvigorated and try yoga on your own or with a corporate yoga class. If you can’t get away from your desk, try some desk stretches several times a day to get blood circulating throughout a stiff body.

3. Notice your breath. It’s amazing what can happen when you stop and focus on breathing. Try it now: close your eyes and breathe through your nose, then inhale 4 counts; exhale 5 counts. Repeat 10 times. Breathing exercises can ease stress and anxiety, and renew your focus.

4. Try therapeutic massage. If you have chair massage available at your work, utilize this benefit to ease tense muscles and relax.  Even just 10 minutes can increase morale. No chair massage available? A self-massage to the neck and shoulders can work wonders too.

5. Don’t forget to leave space for social interaction. Take a stroll to visit your colleague instead of emailing or messaging.  Try walking meetings to catch up and get moving at the same time (even better!).

Good luck on all of your resolutions. Just keep things simple and you’ll get there. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year!

(Reposted with permission from Zenyfit)

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