Pick Just One Resolution

eating cheese

So it’s January 2, 2014. The New Year….the New You, right? We’d all love to eat healthy everyday, work out 5 days a week (or to be honest, even 3 would be miraculous), think positively ALL the time, stop cussing like a sailor when stuck in traffic, etc.

However. Sometimes having realistic expectations might be a little more doable. (See Buzzfeed’s hilarious take on realistic resolutions).

So as much as I want to make a big long list of resolutions, I’m going to go with one: be more mindful.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to meditate all the time. (Although that could help). Here’s examples of where mindfulness could apply:

Do one thing at a time and really focus on that thing. If it’s eating a bowl of cereal, if it’s listening to your significant other, if it’s surfing the internet with ONE tab open… stop ALSO trying to (pick any or all of the following):

a) check your phone
b) watch tv
c) Texting
d) check your phone
e) Facebook
f) watching funny cat videos
g) check your phone

I am particularly guilty of having five thousand tabs open in my browser at once, bouncing back from one thing to another. Also, looking at emails while eating breakfast is another thing. I may also know a few people who have the phone-attached-to-hand-must-check-it-just-one-more-time problem.

So if you could choose just one thing to focus on this year, what would it be?  Or if you have tips on how I can successfully manage mindfulness, please share. I’m working on it…the yoga helps, but tips are always appreciated.

Here’s to a Healthy & Happy New Year!

*closes 11 tabs*


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