Peace and Pratyahara


Om. Shanti.

Peace among chaos can be one of the hardest of things.

Sometimes trying to find peace even in the quiet can be hard, too.  This week at Vault Yoga we practiced without music deliberately. Music can be a great way to aide in deepening a particular feeling in some classes (like fueling the fire of a power class), but it’s not necessary all of the time. In fact, I prefer to practice without music at home 95% of the time.  Most of us are surrounded by a bit of chaos: plugged into music, the ring and ping of our cellphones, staring at activity on screens of some sort and constantly being bombarded by information most of our day. (continued)


8 limbs of yoga

A basic intro to the 8 Limbs of Yoga (including pratyahara).


I wanted to try teaching with no music with my students at Vault in order to focus on pratyahara– bringing the focus within. To be down in the cool but cozy vault and hear nothing but breath and movement, ahhh vinyasa… it was absolutely lovely.  The energy in the room went to an even keel of peace and quiet, when it had started out as a stressful buzz.  I hope my students brought that peace with them when they returned back onto the busy downtown Raleigh street and back into their busy lives. ♥




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