Thank you, Mr. Twain, for this.

Twain quote with a beach view

One of my all-time favorite quotes: very appropriate for ringing in the New Year. Thank you very much, Mr. Twain. And Happy New Year, dear yogis!


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Mr. Twain, for this.

  1. Awesome quote, and photograph. Where did you take that photo?
    Also, when I read your “about” page and it said, “Raleighite”, I thought you meant you owned a Raleigh bike. Funny how our lives fuel our perception and internalization of things, eh? 😉
    Thanks for finding and liking my page!

    • Thanks Sandra! My husband took that photograph while we were on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Most of the pics on my website are from there. It is just such a gorgeous place!!
      I can totally see why you saw “Raleigh bike” after taking another look at your blog! I so love what you are doing now…so admirable and lovely, really. Best of luck on all your 5ks, 10ks & triathlons to come!! 😀

      • Oh, it is indeed beautiful there!
        Oh, and yes, I definitely love the silly sport of Triathlon. I did my first “real” one (outside) in 2008 and FINALLY really look forward to training and doing my next one! Late bloomer, I suppose. 🙂

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